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Discussion #24 Message: 2003-12-02 23.58.48 dmm

I noticed an odd behavior a little while back that has shown up again.

Anchors that were fully specified (by page number) and appeared on the page as simply the page title (correct behavior.) Later would show up on the page as an ambiguous list of links from various volumes with the same pager title. At first I was totally baffled about the behavior.

Now, with more clues, it seems to be that when the wiki is reset (1.exit or whatever is done when swapping in new code) this behavior shows up. This time the anchor actually appeared when [Edit]ed as [ [volume:: page name] ] (thanks to the new volume in an anchor code ) but on the page displayed as an ambiguous list. [Edit]ing the anchor to be [ [80] ] and saving the page returns it to the simple page-title appearance on the page that existed before the new smiki code was put in place.

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