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Doc: Mixins: andy api

^ActionFile dir fil
        send the named file in the named (smilax bundle) dir.
        this is to send data, like a textfile or an image,
        as a page.
        View the page, as if the ::Verb were "".
        same, but dont check for trashed page
^AddBottomBarButton url name
        add another button to bottom bar.
        (must call ^EmitBottom eventually to see it)
        list of all pages, including those not allowed and trashed.
        used to figure out what next page number should be.
        list of all pages this user can see (level 10)
^AllVolumesAtLevel min
        list of all volumes user can use at level $min
^Ampize ?
        Escape < & > " and chars outside 32..126 with &-escapes.
        valid-looking entities (like "&Psi;") will not be escaped;
        they remain what they are.
^AmpizeAscii ?
        Do not use; similar to AmpizeRaw
^AmpizeRaw ?
        Like ampize, but show the source for entities.
^CanonicalTitle s
        rewrites the title, fixing spaces and colons. (not for volume marks)
        does not convert to lower, which is simetimes needed
        (use "string tolower" for that)
^CheckFieldReadReq f p
        error if user does not have ordinary read access to field f, page p
^CheckFieldWriteReq f p
        error if user does not have ordinary write access to field f, page p
^DePercentize ?
^Denumberize s
^DirOfAttachment p
^DirOfPage p
^EmitHeadTag title
^EmitHtml args
        emit directly to user;
        Appends a NEWLINE!
        assumes already in HTML or whatever;
        alias "e args" does "^EmitHtml [join $args]"
^EmitHtmlStart title
^EmitRaw args
^EmitText args
^EmitTop title
^EmitTopBar title
^EmitTopMid title
^EmitTopPost title
^EmitTopPre title
^EmitTopTitle title
^FieldGet f p k
        get field $f of page $p with subkey $k
^FieldGet1 f p k
        lindex [^FieldGet $f $p $k] 1
^FieldKeys f p
^FieldPageFields p
^FieldPages f
^FieldPut f p k xx
^FieldPut1 f p k x
        ^FieldPut $f $p $k [list $x]
^FieldSearchString f x
^FieldSearchStringKeys f pat
^FieldSearchWord w
^FieldSearchWordKeys pat
        flush things Emit'ted
^FormatGuestbookEntry date time ip user msg
^GetFieldDesc f
^GetFieldReadReq f
^GetFieldType f
^GetFieldWriteReq f
^HasAuth need p
^ILink pg vrb fil args
^InfoArgs c
^Intersect3 ?
        TclX 'intersect aa bb' for lists aa, bb representing sets
        returns [list aa-bb, aa intersect bb, bb-aa]
^MarkupLine b
^MarkupLines ss
^MarkupRest b
^MemoryStats ?
^MixinGet m
^MixinPut m x
^NewDenumberize s
^NewNumberize s
^Note args
        lappend ::note [join $args]
^NoteIfAdmin args
^Numberize s
^Out args
^PageAuth p
^PageTitle p
^PageVol p
^PageVolMark p
^PageVolMarkIfDiff p
^PageVolName p
^Percentize ?
^PrefixIndex prefix
^ReadPageBody pg
^ReadPageInfos pg
^RedirectTo url
^RequireAuth need p
        Testing, do not use.
        Probably lets you kill the default "200 text/html" header
        to emit your own
^Say ?
        debugging prints to log file; users cannot see (yet)
^StupidDecode s
^StupidEncode s
^Union ?
        returns list, the union of two lists
^VolAuth v
^VolName v
        returns list[ !EOF, next_string_read_from_wiki_text ]
^WikinPushBack s
^WikinPushBackLines ss
^XAttachmentHidden pg att
^XDeleteFile d f
^XFileLength d f
^XFileTimeSeconds d f
^XListDirs d
^XListFiles d
^XReadTextFile1M d f
^XTableGet k
^XTableKeys k
^XTablePut k v
^XUploadCreateFile d f
^XWikinInclude d f
^XWikinIncludeThruMore d f
^XWriteTextFile1M d f x

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