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FieldDesc table entry key

1 = single-value-only
m = multi-valued
s = whole-string-index
w = word-index
k = keyed


    {FieldDesc:fieldName          {fieldAttributes readLevel writeLevel}}
    1 = single-value-only
          (field contents represented by a single string)
    m = multi-valued
          (field can hold more than one string -a list of strings)

    s = whole-string-index
          (search strings are matched against field contents "as is")
    w = word-index
          (non-alphanumeric characters in field are converted to spaces
           before matching against search strings)

    k = keyed
          (possibly multiple instances of the field on a page
           -field is a list of {index string} pairs where index is a wiki supplied number)
   The permission level required for a user to read/write a field.
Example table entries (from 1.edittable):
{FieldDesc:name          {1sw 70 70}}
{FieldDesc:status          {ms 70 70}}
{FieldDesc:sticky          {1kw 70 70}}
{FieldDesc:zip          {1s 70 70}}


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by strick:
Smilax reserves field names with no _ and no uppercase lettters.

Users should begin their fields with a prefix and an underscore, or a capital letter prefix and camelCase.

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