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Linux vulnerabilities in 2003

Vulnerabilities were announced in many packages, including (but not limited to) apache (several), balsa, bind, bugzilla, cdrecord, cfengine, cron, cups, cvs, ethereal (many), evolution, exim, fetchmail (many), fileutils, gdm, ghostscript, glibc, gnupg, gzip, hylafax, inetd, iproute, KDE, kerberos, kernel (several), lprng, lsh, lynx, mailman, man, mozilla, mpg123, mplayer, mutt, MySQL, openssh, openssl (several), perl, pine, PHP, postfix, PostgreSQL, proftpd, python, rsync, samba, screen, sendmail, snort, stunnel, sudo, tcpdump, vim, webmin, wget, wu-ftpd, xchat, XFree86, xinetd, xpdf, and zlib.


We must quit writing in C!

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