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New all-TCL Smilax

The new all-TCL smilax is deployed.

hey i've turned on the new all-TCL smilax

let me know of weirdisms

your old ways of logging into albus won't work now; talk to me before hacking anything.

if you are logged in as admin, you get a [Mixins] button and some debugging notes. Look at the mixins, but don't change those -- make your own, starting names with virgil_ dmm_ etc. They will have no effect until you enable them. (They are sourced into the namespace with the name of the mixin.)

To enable them, edittable and create a table record { Chain:*: one,two,three } for three mixins 'one' 'two' and 'three'. the one named 'smilax' is always added to the end. For only one volume, change * to volume number.

Look at ... it's black because i added a mixin 'demo_black'.

In the proc for a mixin, ^Xyz means send message (call proc) Xyz, searching the mixins in order, and finally calling the API proc with that name (in namespace "andy"). With two hats, ^^Xyz means "send to super" -- it starts searching the mixins only after itself.

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